Express VPN is one of the leading cybersecurity platforms on the market. The Express VPN software offers users exceptional speeds and military-grade encryptions so you can enjoy the benefits of the internet without being tracked.

Find out how Express VPN can improve your online anonymity by reading this short review below. You’ll find that Express VPN is premium cyber software that has features not many VPN services can provide.


Express VPN Overview

Express VPN was developed in 2009 and the company is situated in the British Virgin Islands. The company’s location is already a major perk because they are far from intrusive third party agencies such as 14 eyes.

British Island has full independence of their data policies. This means Express VPN will remain loyal to their users by never sharing their data with government agencies.

Express VPN is a trusted cyber software brand that optimizes your privacy using extensive security tools that encrypt user web traffic and effectively hide IP addresses.   

Product Review

Security and Privacy Features

DNS Servers

DNS (Domain Name Servers) are known as the internet’s phonebook as it contains data of every domain name and IP address developed on the web. When you search for a domain name such as or you’re instantly directed to the website’s IP (Internet Protocol).

Some lower-grade VPN service providers use public DNS servers which are slower and doesn’t secure your online activity successfully. But premium service providers such as Express VPN have their own DNS server.

A private DNS server means your IP address won’t be leaked to hackers or third-party agencies so your online activity will always remain 100% anonymous. Express VPN ensures that you are connected through secure tunneling at all times.

Encryption Type

Every premium VPN service provider will use extensive encryption keys that are designed to change readable data into indecipherable codes. The AES-256 encryption key is regarded as an unbreakable code which Express VPN has integrated into their software.

The AES-256 encryption key will ensure that your passwords, login details and web activity can’t be cracked or read by prying eyes.

Kill Switch Feature

A kill switch is an essential part of a VPN as it’s an extra layer of protection should your VPN stop working. Express VPN has a kill switch feature that will automatically shut down your internet if the VPN isn’t connected which will ensure your IP address information will never be leaked.

Express VPN Login Policy

When you sign up for a VPN service provider you have to read their login policies carefully as there may be fine print stipulating that your data may be recorded or shared.

One of the features people value about Express VPN is that the company has a no-log policy. The no-log policy means that none of your private information is recorded in the background while you’re browsing the internet.

Express VPN ensures that there is no data that can be used to identify your internet activity or your IP address location.

Express VPN Authority

Some VPN service providers are under the jurisdiction of strict online and data laws. It’s never a safe option to use these VPNs because they are ordered to record and share your online information.

Since Express VPN is situated in the British Virgin Islands it’s known as a privacy haven against any government agency.

What is Express VPN’s Protocol?

VPN protocols are a set of rules that are used to connect users to a server. Express VPN uses the best protocols that guarantee online anonymity when you’re connected to one of the software’s many servers. Express VPN uses OpenVPN which is the fastest and most secure VPN protocol.

Express VPN Features

Express VPN Speed

The Express VPN software has exceptional speed reaching 100mbs which is suitable for streaming HD videos and torrenting without connection drops.


Express VPN is compatible with many devices and platforms which help you stay connected and secure on SmartPhones, tablets, PCs, laptops & gaming consoles. Install your Express VPN on:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux MacOS

Streaming and Torrent Features

The Express VPN offers unlimited streaming services and it is working with US Netflix no matter where you are located in the world. Use the Express VPN to stream from the following sites:

  • Disney +
  • Sky
  • Now TV
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • YouTube
  • HBO
  • HULU
  • Deezer

Another feature you’ll enjoy is the fast torrenting speeds Express VPN offers. It allows any P2P traffic across all its servers with less web congestion.  


Some countries have geo-restricted sites that you may not be able to access if you’re in the vicinity of where their internet policies have a say. But because Express VPN uses top-notch protocols you’re able to get over these censorships easily to provide you with uninterrupted browsing and streaming benefits.

Express VPN Pros

  • Fast speeds
  • Excellent customer service
  • No data leaks
  • Provides 100% anonymity

Express VPN Cons

  • Doesn’t include a kill switch for iOS devices  

Final thoughts

Are you serious about your online privacy? Your online privacy is a basic human right but third parties don’t give you that freedom.

So take extra precautions and keep your web activity hidden from intrusive ISP (Internet Service Providers), hackers and government agencies. Get your Express VPN subscription today. Your Express VPN will guarantee complete cyber privacy at all times while you browse the internet.

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