Norton VPN

Norton not only offers you a secure and reliable VPN service but the brand also has strong antivirus programs that protect you from malware attacks.

The Norton VPN is an excellent program for blocking inappropriate and annoying adverts. This makes the Norton VPN a premium choice to add to children’s web browsing devices. It’s the type of VPN service you and your family need to maintain your online privacy.

To find out more about the features and policies Norton VPN can offer you, read the short product review below.

Norton VPN

Norton VPN Overview

The Norton brand was developed by a tech company called Symantec that has been an industry leader in cybersecurity for over 25 years. The Symantec company first developed an antivirus software for computers in the early 80s and over the years developed a virtual private network (VPN) program.

Today the Norton VPN software protects over 43 million users in over 28 countries that use tablets, SmartPhones and computers. The Norton brand is a trusted commodity in the VPN industry so you’re guaranteed secure online browsing. The Norton VPN is capable of optimizing your internet anonymity when streaming games, movies, sports or music from any site.

Product Review

Security and Privacy Features

DNS Servers

DNS servers contain a database of every IP (Internet Protocol) address and domain name of websites developed on the internet. When you search for a domain name you’re immediately sent to the IP address attached to the site using special protocols.

Public DNS servers record your online information so your internet service provider and third parties can potentially see your activity. But a premium VPN program will create secure tunneling so your online data will only go through the VPN’s DNS servers.

Norton uses a private DNS server so your IP address and online information remain anonymous. I ran a few leak tests to see if the Norton VPN would let any data slip through the cracks and all tests showed no signs of my information being exposed. 

Encryption Type

An encryption key is a crucial security feature on any VPN service as it turns your online readable data into codes that can’t be deciphered. Most VPN services have an encryption key called AES-265 which is known to be the most secure out of all the codes.

Norton uses the AES-265 encryption key so your online information can’t be read by cyber hackers or third party agencies.

Kill Switch Feature

A VPN kill switch is an added feature for extra online precaution. The kill switch immediately shuts down your internet connection if the VPN malfunctions or you’re experiencing a malware attack.

One downside is the Norton VPN doesn’t have an integrated kill switch which might make you hesitant to use the program. It’s best to ensure your Norton VPN is working at all times to avoid data and IP address leaks.

Norton VPN Login Policy

When you sign up with Norton’s VPN you’ll be able to see their login policy. Here the brand states that they don’t log any of your data such as the pages you visit or your IP address. This is a huge benefit for me and any online user because you don’t want any of your internet data being exposed to third parties.

Norton VPN Authority

The Norton VPN’s development company, Symantec, is situated in Mountain View California. This could be disconcerting to some Norton VPN users as it falls under the Five Eyes Surveillance Alliance jurisdiction. The Five Eyes agency is known to invade the privacy of online users by viewing their data.

But the positive aspect in this scenario is this is that Norton VPN doesn’t record your online data. So even if third party agencies demanded the release of your online data, there would be nothing to show.

What is Norton VPN’s Protocol?

VPN protocols are a set of instructions the program uses in order to guarantee online safety and confidentiality. OpenVPN is used by most reputable VPN services as it’s the most secure protocol and encryption standard.

Norton VPN uses the OpenVPN protocol to ensure your online browsing is protected at all times.

Norton VPN Features

Norton VPN Speed

VPN programs are known to slow down internet connections but the Norton VPN showed consistent download and upload speeds. After I tested the Norton VPN I got the following reading:

  • 85.77Mbps download speed
  • 44.00Mbps upload speed

The Norton VPN speed can vary depending on the server you connect to but the fastest was probably the United States server I linked to.


Norton VPN isn’t compatible with Linux or smart TVs but the program works for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS applications. Another benefit is Norton VPN works for routers so the program will protect any data going through your Wi-Fi connection.

How Many Devices can Norton VPN connect to?

You can usually connect up to five devices on the Norton VPN program. You’re able to connect more devices depending on the subscription you opt for.

Streaming and Torrent Features

Torrenting is strictly prohibited from Norton VPN but the program offers unlimited streaming services for the following sites:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Showmax
  • YouTube
  • Spotify


Some countries have strict geo-limitations on certain sites. When you travel to these countries you won’t be able to visit these sites as they’ll be blocked. VPNs are designed to get around these censorships so you can have access to any website or streaming services.

The Norton VPN allows you to get around sites in geo-restricted regions but the program may not work in certain parts of China.

Norton VPN Pros

  • Fast connection speed
  • User-friendly app
  • No log policy
  • Uses AES-265 encryption
Norton VPN

Norton VPN Cons

  • Not torrent-friendly
  • Poor customer service

Final thoughts

Now you have the opportunity to enjoy your online browsing when you subscribe to Norton’s VPN services. Add that extra layer of protection by installing the Norton VPN app on all your web browsing devices.

You and your loved ones have a right to live a private online life that’s 100% protected from third party agencies. The Norton VPN gives you that peace of mind so you’re able to browse and stream content safely.

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Nazar Kurnyk

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